Etiquette Rules

Etiquette @ Escorts Pattaya
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To fully enjoy your escort encounter, please be freshly showered half an hour or so before arriving to your accommodation. We will likewise ensure that our ladies are well groomed and observe proper hygiene.

Payment for escort service should be counted beforehand and placed in an envelope, addressed to 111 Pattaya with the name of the escort you booked.

Please refrain from engaging in conversations related to your payment.

Please do not request for the escort’s phone or mobile number.

Please make sure to check your health so our escorts will not be infected by any undisclosed illness.

Remember that requesting anything unsafe is punishable under law.

Heavy intoxication and taking or offering drugs to our escort are prohibited and punishable under law.

We recommend the use of email at all times. Phones may be used for immediate booking in Pattaya. However, using phone lines outside the Kingdom of Thailand is strongly discouraged as such connections are not always clear or easy to hear. We are grateful for the understanding.

Clients tend to attach themselves to our escorts and fall in love with them. While we appreciate that you make an effort to keep your escort by your side and make sure you both have a mutually relaxing and enjoyable time together, we kindly request not to read more into this than necessary. Please treat this encounter as a business matter instead of a personal one.

Enjoy browsing through the escort photos and do not hesitate to book an escort or contact us for more details.